Built on the best-of-breed business intelligence platform.

Built on the Microsoft Power BI platform. ProcessChampion supports hundreds of data connectors, visuals, security features, and single sign-on using Microsoft 365.

ProcessChampion works with other Power BI visual to create a complete data and business intelligence experience.


Empowering business process improvement teams.

Process improvement is essential. Efficient business processes give any organization the leading edge.

ProcessChampion provides you with all the foundation features to jump start your business process analysis. Find process maps, identify bottlenecks and much more.


Animation as a powerful way of data visualization

Save time. Make solid and concrete decisions.

Get accurate reading of what happened at when. Be visually told an amazing story using the built-in animation features. Takes the guessing work out of your analysis.

Making the invisible, visible


Designed with everyday users in mind.

ProcessChampion is interactive, intuitive to use and very easy to read. It takes no time to start analyzing like an champion.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a technical specialist to use ProcessChampion.

Designed with end users in mind.

Start Analyzing in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Prepare your Data

Data suitable for ProcessChampion are prevalent in most modern systems.

Step 2.

Get ProcessChampion

ProcessChampion comes with a free edition to get you started at no risk!

Step 3.

Start Analyzing!

ProcessChampion gives you all the fundamentals to start analyzing like a champion!


Process Discovery

Process diagram is automatically discovered using your data.

Informative Visuals

Easy to read color codes and visual clues! Identify bottlenecks with ease.

Useful Statistics

Find usage, average runtime on activities and relationships.

Throughput Measurement

Find composite and accurate throughput between any activities.

Activities Streamlining

Simplify your process using the built-in threshold slider.

Visual Data Animation

Take the driver’s seat with an easy and intuitive animation control.

Get Started!

ProcessChampion comes with two editions. The free edition get you started at no cost. Select the Premium edition to do much more!



  • Automated Process Discovery
  • Data Animation Controls
  • Use Count Threshold Slider
  • Throughput Measuring Tool
  • Highly Customizable Layout
  • Limit of 50 Cases per Visual

Premium Edition


  • Everything in the Free Edition
  • Custom Images
  • Viewer Options
  • Unlimited Cases per Visual*
  • Variant Analysis
    Identify variant and alternative process paths
  • Performance Analysis
    Use additional color codes to explore goals and key performance indicators
  • Unlimited Support

Billed annually at $348/year

All amounts are in USD. Subject to GST.
*Power BI custom visuals has a limit of 30,000 data rows.

Premium Features

When you subscribe to ProcessChampion’s premium edition, you open up a series of advanced analysis techniques that further enhance your process improvement capability.

Variants Analysis

Process variants are different pathways taken in a process. Use Variants Analysis to:

  • Find all process variants
  • Discover the paths taken by the variants
  • Find out which variants are most effective and efficient
  • Identify cases running a specific variant

Performance Analysis

Set and experiment with desired performance goals. Iterate until you find the ideal goals to define as KPI.

  • Set or experiment with a time-specific goal
  • Find the sweet spot to set your performance goals
  • Find out which cases conform to your desired goals
  • Animate with distinctive color code (green and red)

and more…

  • Use custom images for activities, cases and background
  • Allow viewers to control animation and perform analysis
  • and more features in our development and enhancement roadmap

How can I use ProcessChampion?

We have our process models…

ProcessChampion can help you validate if the process models are mapped correctly. Conversely, you can also validate if the actual operation conforms to your process models and organisation policies.

We have not started process modeling…

ProcessChampion can help you visualize the actual operation in an organization. It shows you the most common pathways taken. Coupled with a use count threshold slider, use it to derive your process model in record time.

We want to find out where to improve…

ProcessChampion shows you exactly where it is taking the longest, and also where is being used the most. Use these information to determine where to start process improvement.

We want to increase successful outcomes…

ProcessChampion shows you all the variants and where the cases terminate. Use it to compare against successful and unsuccessful outcomes and determine where to focus your time and resources.

We want to find out what happened at when

The built-in animation feature is a great way for event data story-telling. You are in full director-seat to control the time and speed of the playback. View and interpret the events as they unfold.

We want to find outlier cases…

The Performance Analysis feature allows you to experiment with different time-based benchmarks and how your cases performed against these benchmarks. Use these information to find outliers and KPIs.

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