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Analyse and improve your process like a Champion with this extremely simple and powerful Power BI Visual! No more guessing work.

A simple and effective
process analysis tool

Best-of-breed data platform

Built on the Microsoft Power BI platform. Supports hundreds of data connectors. Build a strong data and analytics eco-system with Power BI.

Works with other Power BI visuals to create a complete data and business intelligence experience.

Business process improvement

Go on a discovery journey with your business processes. Find bottlenecks, utilization and throughput with ease. Reinvest in the data you already have.

Built for process analysts and improvement teams. It can’t get any easier.

ProcessChampion features

Automatic process discovery

Process mapping is automatically discovered and presented

Highly informative visual

Easy to read color codes and visual clues! Identify bottlenecks with ease

Useful statistics

Find the statistics you need to understand your activities

Measure accurate throughput

Find composite and accurate throughput between any activities

Streamline activities

Simplify your process and remove less important activities

Animating story telling

Take full control with an easy and simple to read data animation

Get Started!

ProcessChampion comes with two editions. The free edition get you started at no cost. Select the Premium edition to do much more!



  • Automated Process Discovery
  • Data Animation Controls
  • Use Count Threshold Slider
  • Throughput Measuring Tool
  • Highly Customizable Layout
  • Limit of 50 Cases per Visual

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Premium Edition

$129/Creator (Unlimited Viewers)

  • Everything in the Free Edition
  • Custom Images
  • Viewer Options
  • Unlimited Cases per Visual*
  • Variant Analysis
    Identify variants and alternative process paths
  • Performance Analysis
    Use additional color codes to explore goals and key performance indicators
  • Unlimited Support

All amounts are in USD. Subject to GST.
*Power BI custom visuals has a limit of 30,000 data rows.

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